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Boston Public Garden

The Boston Public Garden, established in 1837, is a lush, meticulously landscaped park in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts. As the first public botanical garden in America, it represents a different aspect of city planning and leisure with its Victorian style and emphasis on botanical variety. The Garden is an integral part of the city’s identity and offers a picturesque oasis amidst the urban environment.


The Public Garden was the brainchild of philanthropist Horace Gray who lobbied for the use of the land as an experimental botanical garden. It was designed in the style of an English landscape garden and has been maintained accordingly throughout its history. This careful planning is evidenced by the Garden’s winding paths, lush flora, and the lagoon that adds a sense of serenity to the park.


  • Designation: The Public Garden is a National Historic Landmark.
  • Statues and Sculptures: It features notable statues, including the famous George Washington statue and the endearing “Make Way for Ducklings” sculpture.
  • Flora: The Garden boasts a diverse array of plant species, both native and exotic.
  • Swan Boats: One of the most enduring features is the Swan Boats that have operated since 1877.


The Public Garden is located adjacent to Boston Common, bounded by Arlington Street, Boylston Street, Charles Street, and Beacon Street. It is situated directly west of the Common, separated by Charles Street.


For more information on the Boston Public Garden, including history, events, and volunteer opportunities, visit the Friends of the Public Garden website at

Opening Hours

The Boston Public Garden is open every day from sunrise to sunset. The specific hours can vary with the seasons, so visitors should confirm current timings if planning a visit around opening or closing times.

Things to Do

Swan Boat Rides

Enjoy a peaceful boat ride on the Garden’s lagoon, propelled by the iconic Swan Boats.

Stroll and Relax

Take a leisurely walk through the Garden’s pathways to admire the floral displays and art installations.


Capture the beauty of the landscape, the city skyline backdrop, and the Victorian design elements.


Find a spot on the lawn to have a picnic and enjoy the serene surroundings.

Statue Sightseeing

Discover the various statues and sculptures, including the famous “Make Way for Ducklings” sculpture.

Seasonal Flower Blooms

Visit in different seasons to see the changing blooms, from spring tulips to summer roses.

Tips For Visiting

  1. Respect the Flora and Fauna: Stick to the paths and avoid picking flowers or disturbing wildlife.
  2. Plan for Weather: The Garden is an outdoor venue, so dress appropriately for the season.
  3. Check Swan Boat Operating Times: The Swan Boats operate from April to September, depending on weather conditions.
  4. Bring a Camera: The Public Garden is highly photogenic, so it’s a great opportunity for photography enthusiasts.
  5. Avoid Feeding Wildlife: Do not feed the ducks or squirrels to ensure their health and safety.
  6. Be Mindful of Events: The Garden often hosts weddings and other events, which may impact access to certain areas.
  7. Use Public Transportation: Parking can be limited, so consider using Boston’s public transit system to reach the Garden.


The Boston Public Garden is not merely a green space; it is a living museum dedicated to horticulture and Victorian design. It’s a place where history and nature intermingle, providing a tranquil retreat for city dwellers and tourists alike. Whether you visit for a peaceful walk, a leisurely Swan Boat ride, or to simply sit and admire the surrounding beauty, the Public Garden is a testament to the importance of public spaces that offer respite and recreation in the heart of a bustling city. It continues to be a cherished jewel of Boston, reflecting the city’s commitment to preserving green space and history for future generations.

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